Five Tips to Enhance Your Yacht Charter Experience

Five Tips to Enhance Your Yacht Charter Experience

Chartering a yacht is indeed an experience that comes once in a lifetime. If you are in Dubai, then nothing makes a vacation better than a yacht rental Dubai Marina. Cruising around in the mesmerizing water bodies of the destination in a yacht could be so much fun! However, the process of renting a yacht can be quite confusing and intimidating to the people who never did it before. Fortunately, you will get the information that you need here on this topic. Yacht chartering agencies or individual brokers are experts when it comes to making your trip memorable. Then again, there are a few things that you can do to improve your experience. Here are five tips for you.

Check the Agreement

Once you locate a suitable boat, the charter planner will prepare an agreement. The most common legal document is the standard contract that the MYBA provides. Each of these contracts has exclusive serial numbers. They usually bind four individual parties, namely the charterer, the owner, the charter planner, and the owner’s representative. The document must include details, such as the name of the vessel, the dates, the embarkation/disembarkation ports, detailed expenses, and the cruising area. You will learn about these particulars beforehand. As the charterer, you have to deposit half of the fee as soon as you sign the agreement. You will deposit the other half with the local tax and the APA once the journey starts.

Understand the Payment Structure

Finally, you need to be aware that the charter fee isn’t all that you have to pay. The charter planner will tell you about additional expenses, including local taxes. It can also include repositioning fees to cover the expenses required in delivering the yacht to the embarkation zone. You also need to consider tipping, because it’s customary for a happy charterer to tip the crew.

Mention Your Requirements and Expectations

Since there are innumerable charter yachts available, you need to be specific about your needs. You must be clear about the type of charter that you hope to enjoy and the activities or facilities that you expect onboard. While inquiring about availability, you have to provide specific details to your charter planner. These details include the composition and the number of people constituting the party, the size of the yacht, appropriate dates, and cruising areas. All of these details are crucial.

Fill the Preference Questionnaire Thoroughly

After signing the agreement, you may have to fill up a preference questionnaire form. It contains various questions concerning charter guests, medical conditions, habits, and dietary necessities. When you fill this document, you should speak to the rest of the people who will be traveling with you. This document will then go to the captain of the yacht. The captain will prepare the crew accordingly and load the vessel with the right provisions before starting the trip. The captain will also book berths and arrange activities for you to partake in.

Rely on Proficient Charter Planners

The task of getting in touch with yacht charter specialists is mandatory. They have experience and knowledge of the market. These people can advise you on the best options and destinations. The design of the yachts is such that it can meet the needs of their owners. Every vessel has unique features and layouts that differ from its counterparts. They also have different conditions, and the onboard crew differs from one yacht to another based on characters and capabilities. An experienced individual, who inspects the vessel, meets with the crew, and checks on the amenities will be able to direct you.

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