Important Tips to Start Gym the Right Way

Important Tips to Start Gym the Right Way

A properly planned fitness routine at any gym Dubai Marina can help overcome the intense ill-effects of the sedentary lifestyle and imbalanced eating habits. However, lack of fitness education, equipment practice, and confidence may hinder joining a gym and beginning a regular rigorous workout. It may seem all unfamiliar and intimidating that hold you back and leave you demotivated. Here are a few dos and don’ts for beginners to start a gym routine today.


Fix Specific Goals
First and foremost, it is essential to determine the particular fitness goals that you wish to achieve. Determine and note down the what, why, and how of your unique fitness journey. It will help if you have a clear idea of why you are starting now and how you plan to incorporate fitness into your daily routine. With clear objectives and goals, you will be able to precisely plan, justify, and firmly commit to your gym routine.

Stretch Your Muscles
It is very crucial to perform de-stressing stretches to gear up your body for the rigorous workout routine. Begin at the toes and move forward to completely stretch your whole body. Stretching can improve blood circulation across your body and increase the oxygen level. Increased blood flow will resist sudden shocks during a workout and prevent muscle injuries, tendon wears, and aches.

Keep Yourself Hydrated
Physical exercises burn fats that lead to sweating and loss of water from the body. Be careful about keeping yourself hydrated throughout your regular fitness routine at prescribed intervals. Proper hydration of the body is essential to prevent various health hazards such as muscle cramps and headaches.


Don’t Be Hard On Yourself
A high-intensity workout without breaks and proper rest will cause harm and not be a sustainable habit. Begin slowly and smoothly to keep your efforts steady and consistent to achieve your fitness goals. A short 30-minute workout about thrice a week is sufficient to train your body for a more rigorous routine. With a firm commitment to the gym, slowly add more days and hours of workout to your regular exercise. A smooth fitness routine should essentially include breaks and appropriate rest days to provide vital relaxation for the body.

Don’t Get Intimidated
Intimidation is a significant issue faced by all beginners. It is essential to feel comfortable and relaxed as everyone is in the same state of mind and has a similar goal of getting fit. All gym-goers are focused on their fitness routine and are or should be supportive to fellow members. Hence, you are free to wear a comfortable outfit and perform the exercises smoothly.

Don’t Compare
Gyms may include varied types of members, who have been on the fitness routine for long and developed visible results. You should not compare yourself with them and feel demotivated, as they have reached that stage after a trail of consistent practice. Instead, you should focus your efforts and aim for progress by gaining inspiration from them.

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